Review Policy

Feature Submission Policy:

We want to keep this really simple. The traveling vlog has become highly popular all over the world.  After recieving numerous emails we decided to open it up for submissions. We will be featuring our favorite Authors and  their books.

 All submissions requests by Authors, Publishers, or the Agents/Representatives there of to be "featured" on the blog should be emailed to: 

One of the four of us (Willow Cross, Jennifer Malone Wright, JH Glaze, or KB Miller) will contact you.

Please be advised that we will require a paperback/hardcopy of the book to be featured so that it can be seen better by the public.  If your book is not in print we will accept a mini poster allowing the cover of the book to be featured.

The features DO NOT come with reviews. All four of us are Authors as well and unfortunately do not have time to read every book. 

You will receive an email within 14 days notifying you, which vlog you will be featured on.
As of right now, the only genre that we are NOT featuring is Erotica.

Although we know that we have a large adult fanbase, we also have a large YA crowd as well, so those titles wouldn't be appropriate for them.

Thank you for interest in the "Traveling Vlog" 

BookReview Policy:

** All submissions for book reviews should be sent to:
ATTN: Mel's Reviews

Mel is one of my personal assistants and fanpage admins. She has a love of the written word and there for reads as much as her busy life allows.
If she accepts your book for review, you will be notified within 72 hours that it has been accepted and the address to send it to. 

Mel prefers to review paperback or hardcover for her eyes sake, however if your book is not available in that format she will accept an ebook in kindle format.

You will be notified once where you are in the review line and prior to your review being posted.

All reviews on this site will be accompanied by: the cover of the book,  blurb, review, purchase and stalker links.  

She reviews many genres in Young Adult and Adult, including:

~Short Stories

Mel and I both use the same rating system. All reviews will be ranked accordingly and titled with the reviewers name.

**All reviews are based on the reviewers opinion. The receipt of the book for review will in no way influence the review. We only provide honest reviews, no matter if you are "Indie" or "Traditionally" published.**

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