Friday, March 16, 2012

Monkey's Book Reviews~Little Orphan Anvil

Monkey's Book Review
This is a new once a month feature, where my 10 year old son will post his reviews on books that he has read.

All of his reviews can be found after they appear on the main blog by clicking on this picture~

His first review is~
Little Orphan Anvil by Joseph Beekman
This story takes place through the land of Iron and Anvil to the land of shadows in another dimension.
The three main characters in this book are Sunny, Will, and Anvil. In the beginning Will, the blacksmith, created an android to do labor for the children at an orphanage, but an evil witch lady who ran the orphanage didn't like it.  So, she sent the android away with a storm.  In the middle of this book, Will, Anvil and Sunny crossed through a bunch of old dead trees where they found Kelsy, one of the orphans.  My favorite part of this book was all of it! There was not one part that I didn't like. This is one of my favorite books now.

I give it 5 bananas.
Connor-Bryce Miller